Cool kicks themed from fallen heroes

Nike were being a little bit naughty when they made these Dunk Highs.  They aren’t directly linked to Pee Wee Herman, but the colours are the same as his reknowned grey suit and bow tie. 


The lone caricature sitting in the movie theatre seats on the insoles is an obvious reference to his 1991 arrest for public indecency, when he was caught masturbating at an adult cinema (which is what Lita thought is meant to happen in those cinemas).

The Pee Wee shoes are a part of Nike’s fabulous Fallen Heroes range, which also include inspiration from Milli Vanilli, MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice


2 responses to “Cool kicks themed from fallen heroes

  1. hahaha, I want the Milli Vanillis!!! 🙂

  2. Ha! I want your avatar! The Vanilla ones are ice ice baby. I mean nice nice baby. Hmmn. I don’t think I am street enough for Nike.

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