The Thief Maker

Lita is so proud.  A regular BOTS reader is a fully fledged, successful, published author.  His book has just been awarded Honourable Mention in the Writer’s Digest International Self-Published Book Awards and has received rave reviews.  


D.H. Schleicher aka Dave the Novelist wrote The Thief Maker, a suspense novel that explores the destruction and restructuring of human relationships in the wake of personal and communal tragedies.

In the wake of America’s War on Terror, the lives of a con man, a private eye, a nurse, and a lesbian couple tragically intertwine.  A chilling tale of love and hate on the streets of New York and Philadelphia, The Thief Maker explores the duplicity of memory and the loss of one’s identity.

Buy Dave’s book, The Thief Maker here.

You can read about Dave and the trials and tribulations he encountered with self-publishing at his blog, where he also reviews books and movies.

Congrats on the success of the book Dave!


3 responses to “The Thief Maker

  1. Lita, thanks for the plug!


  2. Congrats David and every future success

    A regular BOTS reader is a fully fledged, successful, published author.
    Ahem. Cough.

  3. You don’t need it Dave! But it reminds me to buy the book. Congrats on your success. Champion.

    Oops Talia. Ahem. Congrats on your published pages also, kapai. Oo – I wonder how many other authors read/lurk.

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