The password is death

When I die, my whanau will one day wonder where my faithful laptop and old PC disappeared to, but that will be long after Lita’s friend has buried the hard disk under the dog’s kennel at the back of the farm.  These instructions are written in ink and undersigned by legal folk, it’s that important.  That’s why this site makes no sense at all to le paranoid Lita. 

Deathswitch is an automated password prompting system that sends you regular emails asking for the latest passwords to your MySpace, bank accounts, email and blogs.  If you don’t answer the email after a few prompts, Deathswitch sends your passwords out to your loved ones with a little “guess who died?” message.  Dead or alive, this idea smells vile to Lita.


2 responses to “The password is death

  1. that does seem quite twisted.. i have many but i cant think of one password worth passing on beyond the grave. let alone paying 20 bucks a year for the service!.. how anoying would it get having it prompt you regularly to reply with your password or we are gona tell your family you are dead..

  2. I get threatened by lotsa folk to tell my whanau that I am dead, but paying for the honour is getting ridic.

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