Juicy All Black Goss

Lita had the mis good fortune to meet folk ‘in da know’ tonight.  It turns out that Ponsnobby can deliver surprises.  Here’s all I learnt on le All Blacks.

The following is pure gossip, mostly second-to-third-hand (aka da juiciest) …

  • Dougie Howlett stomped on a couple of cars in the carpark of The Hilton Heathrow and also trashed his hotel room, letting off a teensy bit of steam from the events of the past week.
  • Dan Carter partaked in some hardcore partying before leaving for France, to the extreme that a couple of friends raised concerns over his ecstacy and enjoyment of the party lifestyle.
  • When Jerry Collins and his brunette female acquaintance were recently mistaken for Posh and Becks at Ponsnobby’s most Westie of Westie joints, they unfortunately didn’t get the joke.
  • Sione Lauaki is “gutted mate” after returning home to NZ today – this comment may or may not have been solicited after Lita someone drunk stupid asked him the hard-hitting, journalistic question: “How are you feeling?”
  • N to the Z’s fave actress Robyn Malcolm is toy-boying Anton Oliver, him of the surprisingly good buttocksocology.  
  • Hayley Holt and Richie McCaw have remained close friends since dating earlier this year and plan to keep their friendship low-key for as long as they can get away with it (the number of Google searches for RichHay that end up at BOTS show you already know).

6 responses to “Juicy All Black Goss

  1. they had the Dougie Howlett on the news this morning with a public apology.. smashed cars her did but nothing was mentioned on room damage.
    ponsonby has a westie joint? let me guess

  2. Lil_miz_cheeky

    Anton Oliver???? eeewww…his face is so munted you wouldn’t even know where to kiss him!

    Yes pity about Dougie but I still love him for having some of my dad’s pig on a spit 🙂

  3. Robyn and Anton issued a denial… (weeks ago)

    As for Hayley, she always lies plays down her “liaisons”

  4. Had Graham Henry taken my advice, come to think of it, he never even replied to me!. And let Doug Howlett play against France, or at least have him as a sub, “history” may have been rewritten. As Doug would’ve scored tries, as he did the game before. Instead of being sidelined, and having all his pent up passion for “kicking” out of his system, he’d not have had the stamina for damaging those cars in my opinion. Anyone know, where they French made or owned cars?.

  5. one was a BMW … no idea on the other

  6. Im sorry but i would have to say that Anton is the lovlest, wonderful, intelligent man i have ever met( and i have met and talked too) and if it wasnt for the fact im married, i would have him in a heat beat. ( nice butt)

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