Beware the MySpace Angle

It’s a known phenomenon;  folk pick out their best ever photograph and clip a funky angle to use the picture for their dating website profile or their MySpace/Bebo/Facebook page.  

You should go to DamnFunnyPictures to learn a lesson in how reality never lives up to the MySpace Angle.  Never trust the MySpace Angle.



2 responses to “Beware the MySpace Angle

  1. Oh MY GOSH, that’s a joke right? hmm…I only JUST had the courage to put up my pic in the About Me section of my blog, and it does seem to have a peculiar angle…I wonder if people will think I have a lot of extra junk behind the scenes, hahaha…

  2. Oops Romi! Either that or peop will think you are half beast-half woman, or that you have no lower half at all, or that you have really long leg hairs.

    Its confusing, I was taught to take care with le image on le interweb – but now we are judged to be large and ugly behind the scenes/out of pic when we are just being clever with MS Paint and trying to avoid full online exposure.

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