Paint with dimension

Check out these amazing paint jobs.  An area or room is painted so that, when viewed from the right angle, an optical illusion appears. 



4 responses to “Paint with dimension

  1. Could be very confusing after a night out on the turps.

  2. lockedgroove

    thats a bit like salvador dalis house.. the outdoor ones are cool also

  3. Ha Louise , surely the word ‘turps’ makes the paint nervous? I actually reckon I would get lost and mixed up in these rooms whilst totally sober. I’d probably vom whilst drunk.

    I thought S Dali lived in a 2D elephant LockedGroove? I quite liked the X room, like “no entry” without doors.

  4. lockedgroove

    yeah sorry, i ment the gallery in barcelona. he played around alot with the same idea..

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