It’s just a game mon amie

Lita turned the telly on yesterday morning just in time to see Dan Carter blubbering and Hamish McKay (and that other commentary muppet) grumbling about shirt colours and short men.  It was clear we were about to lose, and the scapegoats were being milked in preparation for scapegoat’s cheese.

Today, it seems some New Zealanders have decided that the referee Wayne Barnes is to blame for the All Blacks early exit from le Rugby World Cup.  Someone has set up a Trademe auction selling the ref (the item has been removed – with bids reaching $12.50), and someone else has set up a particularly nasty Wiki entry about him.

Bebo’s ScrewWayne page also has some ugly name calling going on.  Who knew that the ref was a glucoma-suffering homosexual peadophile with female genitalia for a face?  Lita thinks the hater-blame remarks from some folk are more embarassing and disappointing than the ABs loss.

These folk need to stop being big cry babies, it’s only a bloody game.  Oh, and learn some new insults you misogynistic, homophobic, narrow-minded losers. 


To the malefactor who created this pic: Why do you hate vaginas so much?  Have you ever seen one? How much did/does your Mother hate you?


17 responses to “It’s just a game mon amie

  1. Lil_miz_cheeky

    Totally agree. It’s not the ref’s fault but it seems that Kiwis are always looking for someone to blame and it’s always the ref.
    Awesome item Lita. I hear ya! who needs men when you got a shop like Erox! 😉

  2. The TradeMe auction must have been pulled. Pity you didn’t take a screen pic of it !!!

    Ahhh Rugby. Everyone’s going on about it. Do you know that business confidence and other economic indicators are linked to our success in rugby and America’s Cup. How sad is that

  3. Grr! I did take a snapshot of the Trademe page, but didn’t save it. It wasn’t that good. The real insults are on Bebo.

  4. “learn some new insults you misogynistic, homophobic, narrow-minded losers” – right on!

    that wiki entry about wayne barnes is harsh. the hatered should realy be directed towards the governing body who assigned an under qualified ref.. again.

  5. You’ve got the intelligence of a sparrow!

  6. Rick, don’t make me hurt you by calling you a vagina.

    TW2 – that trademe auction has been pulled too!

  7. Guess what Rick…your name rhymes with D!ck & Pr!ck

  8. lita's mother

    Rick, don’t make me “HURT” you, in retaliation for calling my Lita a “Sparrow”. I could call you a “COCKEREL”, but it would be an insult to the “BIRDS”, excuse the “pun”, if you understand what that is!!.

  9. lita's mother

    Right on Emanon, I agree with you, though I didn’t want to be as “blunt”, as no doubt Rick is!.

  10. Alright whanau – calm down, I’ve consulted with the sparrows and they aren’t as offended by the comment as I first imagined.

  11. Miss Prozac is feeling the luv for lita’s mum

  12. lockedgroove

    i like sparrows..
    ricks just venting his frustrations. hopefully only in word.
    think of all the poor wee kiddies and wives who got the bash after nz lost the game – domestic violence stats spiked on sunday says my police call desk contact..

  13. Lita’s mum ROCKS!!!

    But then I’ve always known that.

  14. Hi Lita, I think your comments are spot on.
    Apart from Graham Henry I havent heard one person congratulating the French for playing well and winning the game. Sport is supposed to build character by teaching us how to accept defeats when they come along. Perhaps these ppl who are blaming all and sundry for the loss need to do some maturing.

  15. Aye Miss P and Sam – Lita’s Ma is da bomb. Lita loves it when Lita’s Ma is mad at others and not Lita.

    Yip Lockedgroove, the womens refuge reported a spike in calls/cases from Sunday morning onwards.

    Thanks Shaun. I was quite outraged and upset at the time, all that disgusting hatefulness going on, and it really struck me how peop think they are insulting the ref by calling him gay or female. A few threads were calling him a kiddy fiddler too. It got me wild.

    The whole ‘character building’ thang isn’t working foreshore. Bebo seems to be full of kids, so maybe it was just a bunch of 15 year olds showing their immaturity, let’s hope.

    I wish the game had gone differently too, but I don’t have an urge to hate on the ref, the coach and certainly not our boys or the winning team (although don’t get me started on the Rainbow Warrior). I overheard someone at work talking about going to the airport to boo the ABs on their return. Jeesh!! Do strangers turn up at his job and boo and ridicule him when he stuffs up/can’t make a deadline? (They do now – ahem)

  16. lita's mother

    To Miz P and Sam, you cheque’s are in the mail!!. Lita, you can go “whistle” for yours, like a little “Sparrow”…not!. Luv ya baby.

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