ONE News Lite

How long have TV1 News been running a 4:30pm bulletin? 

I had the good fortune to catch the short 30 minute flash this afternoon, with the news presented more informally by the totally bearable Neil WakaSimon Dallow even put in a half-dressed appearance as he read a story while prepping for the 6pm main event.  Tres intimate – for a moment there I thought I was Ali Mau*.

Lita says kapai TVNZ, although it is strange that noone told me there was a new diet News option – they are normally extremely proactive on the shameless self-promotion front.

Throng says the 4:30pm bulletin started 2 weeks ago and “seems to have gone largely unnoticed by the viewing public”.  Duh.

Click here to join the Simon Dallow MySpace Fan Club.  I kid you not.

* And for the last newsy thought of the evening; why doesn’t Alison Mau have a wiki entry?


2 responses to “ONE News Lite

  1. Kerrist where have you been living? It was promoted in all the papers and on TVNZ…

  2. Really? I didn’t hear about it, it snuck up on me on an early day home from work … real hard working folk dont have time to read papers! ahem.

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