Fashion around the globe

Now that Fashion Week is over, where do you get your fashionista sensibilities stroked? 

Street Peeper gives you a peek at global street fashion, you can see what is hot right now on the streets of the city of your choice. 


Amsterdam – fashion leaders?


4 responses to “Fashion around the globe

  1. Noooooooooo *puke.*

    Evidence that a city famous for pot cannot also be famous for fashion.

  2. lockedgroove

    its true, the dutch are far from fashion savvy.

  3. Aye Mrs Smith, The Dam has a lot of creatives too stoned to create. But, I still heart The Dam’s guts.

    I used to know some cool Dutch peop Lockedgroove, full on fashion folk – I’m sure they have nowt to do with the latest ‘wallow in the 80s’ trends.

  4. Amsterdam, sigh, what to say?
    I visit the city every once in a while and besides a few really delicious shoe stores and some people’s clothes (I swear I just wanted to yank them off of them), I have to say that there isn’t that much there that I couldn’t find in my own country.
    Except for the pot, of course. You could smell it from miles away. Walking past a coffee shop was nearly enough to get me high. (God, I’m such a lightweight.)
    But still… I’ll always be an A’dam lover by heart.

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