BOTS Bits: September

‘Tis all a blur now Spring has sprung.  Read below to jog the memory and clean the cobwebs, and stop doing that with the daffodil bulbs.

You liked this.

You really liked this.  Sickos.

You didn’t like this so much, but I really did.  Weirdos.

Rebecca Loos threatened to move next door to Posh and Becks’ new LA home, which freaked Posh out big time, and bumped BOTS up high on le Google.  Kia ora to those who are here cos of Loosy and her fab boobies.

Aja Rock’s wine throwing arm got you excited, as did the girl from High School Musical’s photogenic bits.

Google Earth’s flight sim made you throb, then you pondered what things would be like if Google ruled the world, and there was email proof that this see-thru canoe brings out your delightfully peverted snorkelly side.


Thanks to those who contributed to the giant dubdubdub success that is BOTS with posts, links to posts or full on linky lurve.  It warms me bits, it truly does.


2 responses to “BOTS Bits: September

  1. It warms me bits, it truly does.
    Are you sure that’s not cos you’ve been sitting on the Furries and the Klingons?

  2. That brings up all sorts of inappropriate images in my head Miss P, and for that, I thank you.

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