Nicky Watson does every month of the year

Stuff reports on Nicky Watson’s upcoming documentary (screening Oct 17th) that follows Nickers as she goes round the country shooting a sexy calendar.  There was something about the article that made Lita double take.

In Nicky Watson: Calendar Girl, screening on Sky 1 on October 17, the 30-year-old supermodel speaks about how the calendar will become a family heirloom.

“How cool will it be to be able to show my grandchildren how beautiful New Zealand is and the fact that granny’s boobs didn’t used to go down to her ankles,” she says, laughing.


I have to ask it … will Nicky’s boobs ever be down at her ankles?

Seriously, does she not realise that in 50 years she will be hunched over using a zimmer frame flirting with the old guys in the home and her boobs will still be up and out at cool parties and crashing the front row at fashion week. 


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