Mean time in NZ: this daylight savings lark

I like long summery days just the same as the next duck, but I loathe the changing of the clocks.  Twice a year my body reacts like I’ve been flying across multiple time zones for longer than 24 hours.  

It feels like I lost way more than one hour this weekend, and I hate that I have to wait till the beckoning of winter just to gain the damn thing back again.  You can only use jetlag as an excuse for being late and flustered for so long.

The Dept of Internal Affairs helpfully provide this blurb on the history of Daylight Savings.  NZ was one of the first countries to adopt a nationally observed Mean Time back in 1868.  There was much debate then as to the value of Daylight Savings, with fears that …

(Summertime) will bring no happiness to the women of New Zealand who live in the backblocks.  (The Bill) does not make the case for now requiring the wife of the working-man to get up an hour earlier in order to get her husband away to his work.

Oh yes.  Good to see that even back then the kiwi bloke was considerate of his chick’s feelings.  Getting up early with your man to make his breakfast, pack his lunch and tie his shoelaces up really is mean time.


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