Monthly Archives: October 2007

Halloween gives freaks an excuse

Check this site out for funny last minute, easy to make, Halloween costumes.


Rhianna’s Umbrella ella ella finally came in handy despite the dry spell. 


Plush breast toys

Check out these handy Funwari Milk-chan plush breast toys.


Jamaican Kinder Surprise


Vicious Delicious

Why haven’t I heard of this little A-land treasure before? 

Delicious Restaurant in Grey Lynn seems to have a bit of a reputation.  A Fawlty Towers type of reputation.

Click here to read some painful, perturbed and outraged DineOut reviews on disastrous dinners at Delicious, where the food seems to be fantastic, but only if you manage to avoid being verbally abused or physically removed by the staff.

It all sounds deliciously temperamental and argue-worthy.  After reading this, does anyone else feel compelled to get tipsy, drag a child and seven other friends to make up a large table at vicious Delicious next weekend?  Dessert and coffees only, obv.

Divorce cake and eat it

Going through a messy marraige breakup? 

Perhaps you should throw a divorce party.  Here’s just the cake to celebrate the demise of your union.


Shorty St stars go Diwali

What a cute pic of Ben and Nisha from Shortland Street. 


“Such a sweet couple”

They were enjoying the heat and crowds at Diwali in Auckland’s Britomart on Saturday. 

Click here to see more beautiful people and pics from Diwali 2007 – Festival of Lights.

Want to find out the latest Shorty St info?  Well, aren’t you just the lucky lil’ soap fan.  You can waste your day checking out the official bebo page.  Isn’t life so good.  And kinda ridiculous.

Pencil shavings from my gob


Click here for everything you need to know about sharpening your pencil.  No, unfortunately, it is not an euphemism.