Paris Hilton’s knees look worn

Only yesterday I lamented in my Facebook how much I was missing Paris Hilton.  Today, a clever bugger found me a little update on what has been going down in Paris’ new lowkey life.


 It seems her knee caught the attention of the pap-blogs.  Celebslam report on Paris leaving a New York nightclub a few nights ago with her new boyfriend, Swedish tourist, Alex Vaggo. 

They also point out how dodgy her knee looks, and how rock hard those loo floors must be in da clubs these days.


3 responses to “Paris Hilton’s knees look worn

  1. her knee looks like a face

  2. OMG! You are right Lockedgroove … the late great Marcel Marceau is visiting us as an apparition via Paris Hilton’s knee! I predicted this, ages ago.

  3. she should call Monica Lewinsky and get those ole Presidential kneepads

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