Pakehas know how to party

MrVintage has become a reliable and known brand, supplying New Zealanders (and non-kiwis ‘in the know’) with cool kiwiana t-shirts.  


It was never really a party until someone brought out the candy cigarettes, then we were too cool for school bro.


5 responses to “Pakehas know how to party

  1. I like the Palmer Cash version too
    Caucasia knows how to party

    love those candy cigs …

  2. Ha Kebabette, oh yeah babeee, 2 white folk standing round talkin’, it doesn’t get more hardcore partae than that.

  3. I don’t get it…. :/

  4. Kiwiana Steve, rude NZ in-jokes. I will add kiwi tshirts to the pile of chicken chips and chocolate fish I am stockpiling for when you get here.

  5. how/where do I get one of those ‘pakehas know how to party’ t-shirts?

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