Marcel Marceau: a moment of noise

Mime artist Marcel Marceau has passed away in Paris at the age of 84. 

Prepare yourself for the myriad of noisy silent tributes that are bound to eventuate from the death of the world’s most famous mime artiste.  The spoofs have already started, with this one telling of the silent funeral and how moving the scattering of the ashes mime will be.  Lita bets many small dollars that Justin Timberlake will wangle a couple of hand mimes into his next music video. 

Read this 1998 interview with Marceau. 

This YouTube vid was uploaded before Marcel’s death and is a beautiful tribute that showcases the unique gift he shared with us.


3 responses to “Marcel Marceau: a moment of noise

  1. Very elegant post, and I watched that video and quite liked this odd man.

  2. Ta AB, I’m blushing cos you are one of my blog crushes, and I’m never described as elegant!

    Marcel was an inspiration for me since a young girl, but I never got the silence thang, obv. His story is fascinating Miss P, he overcame a lot.

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