Zoom In: Aja Rock

Somebody doesn’t like Aja Rock.  

 ZoomIn do online maps of New Zealand streets.  A nemesis (or perhaps her PR company) has created an entry in ZoomIn showing Aja’s new workplace as 371 Queen Street – the address of Auckland’s reknowned ‘gentleman’s club’, The White House.  

Who could dislike her enough that they would create such an entry?  Despite Aja’s past, everyone knows the only prostitution she partakes in these days is selling her soul to Touchdown (who then create mediocre reality TV with lingering shots of her ample boobage).

Check out Bridget Saunders’ About Town blog  where she relates that crazy ole time she had last Thursday during Fashion Week, when Aja threw a glass of wine over Saunders and socialite Gilda Kirkpatrick, then ended up booted out of the Huffer show. 

It was a brilliant piece of PR if Aja has a new show/album coming soon, quite a unique strategy the whole soak-the-gossip-queen thang.  Click here to read more on Aja and Nicky Watson’s day of drama at the runway.

Click here to see some beautiful, stylised pics of Aja.


8 responses to “Zoom In: Aja Rock

  1. Snap! We just did an Aja Rock post, but didn’t see that Zoomin entry. Funny

  2. Wow!! Will go check, I promise I didn’t copy!

  3. The whole incident is pure gold. Funny about the map – although, I imagine there are lot of people who could be the culprit…

  4. It is like pure gold Mrs Smith, but like the type you buy from some guy who comes round the office once a year with bunches of cheap gold chains that fell off the back of a lorry. Pure tainted gold. Makes me thankful that we have Nicky and Aja.

  5. AJA ROCKS!!!!
    It still amazes me how jealous people are of beauty.
    Don’t be afraid, embrace it.

    And don’t forget, SHE (Bridget Saunders) IS A GOSSIP COLUMNIST, hello bottom of the creative food chain.

  6. Ah Logan, I have said the same thing when she was being clever and manipulative on Celeb Treasure Island, and I definately tried to embrace her beauty that night I saw her down the viaduct after I had a few too many wines.

    If she has got a new show or single coming out, then I will yell it again, cos I think it may just be a great PR trick to do what so many have wanted to do to B Saunders for a long time. Otherwise, it’s just a waste of good free wine.

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