Britney’s number 1 fan gets his own show

Say it isn’t so! 


Is Hollywood that far removed from the real world that they actually think the attention Chris Crocker (he of the Leave Britney Alone! vid fame) has received in the past week was positive?  According to Variety, Chris is set to star in his own reality TV show, following the ups and downs of the emotional 19 year old’s life with his Grandparents in Tennessee. 

“It’s going to pretty much be the ‘Chris Crocker experience,'” he said. “We consider him a rebel character that people will find interesting. He’s going to be a TV star.”

Bring back LonelyGirl15, all is forgiven.


2 responses to “Britney’s number 1 fan gets his own show

  1. FFS

    Does this fall into the “only in America” category? Still at least it’s not following the story of his hamster or guinea pig

  2. i wonder who is bank rolling it, quite a risk investment i would have thought.. you can never under estimate the power of very stupid people in large groups

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