Nasty name calling

You are never too old to display immaturity in the face of funny place names.

Did anyone else see this story on TV1 news tonight about the poor folk of Lake Titicaca and their fuming toxic meteor?  


I’m sure Simon Dallow smirked as he read that place name aloud. I certainly did. Dirty place names will forever make Lita snigger.  In fact, I immediately thought that apart from the afore-mentioned meteor, Titicaca has nothing on our very own Uretiti nude beach (near Waipu-why-not in Northland).  Roll on summer.  


2 responses to “Nasty name calling

  1. I plan on honeymooning at Lake Titicaca. I mean, just for the pictures.

  2. And here I thought its main draw would be the toxic fumes and its meteor magnet status. You could buy a tshirt that says ‘I fell in love at Titicaca’ – now that would be cool.

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