Internet People

You have to check out this fabulous animated video from Meth Minute 39 on Channel Frederator.

The vid sums up le trashy interweb moments that make it what we love.  We are the Internet People people and this song is for us.  Ahhh.


And now there’s Dan Meth, a crazed cartoonist from the ‘burbs of New York, who has arrived on the scene just as a new video-based Pop Culture is being born on the Internet. It’s a match made in…well, someplace really weird. But it works! Meth’s maddeningly catchy ‘Internet People’ is destined to become the touchstone for the YouTube generation. Set to the pulse of Micah Frank’s music (and featuring the horn sectionof Bruce Kapler and Al Chez from Paul Schafer’s CBS Orchester on David Letterman’s Late Show), Meth captures and celebrates our shared Internet experiences over the last half-decade with cartoon caricatures that are somehow funnier than the original footage. I dare you to watch it just once—or to get all the references after even three viewings.

Click after the jump for the lyrics.

It all started with south park and the star wars kid

numa numa did his thing

and the backdorm boys lip synched

napster bad

winnebago guy mad

bert is evil


along came jib jab

GI Joe Public Service cartoons

You’re the man now dog 

sponge monkeys like the moon

andy melanokis sang the superbowl is gay

ask a ninja answered questions

average homeboy denny blaze

lonely girl was not alone

there were  house of cosby clones

chad vader,  zefrank

and the lazy sunday rap

kid from brooklyn, bubb rubb

George Lucas in Love

Kramer lost his mind at a comedy club

MySpace the movie

and the Chuck Norris list
We heard alot of stories 

from the Geriatric

I kiss you guy is kissin

Stanley kubrick audition

Leroy Jenkins doesn’t listen

Homestar runner on a mission

Internet People!
Internet People!

The grape-stomping lady who fell on her face

Paris Hilton sex tape

and All Your base

Coke and Mentos and the Ok Go’s

The Shining Trailer remixed like it was Cameron Crowes

There was a sneezing baby panda and my dick in a box

Rocketboom amanda and all the yacht rocks

There were snakes on a plane

Angry German kid’s insane

Otters holding hands and my man dax flame

A Bride goes crazy and starts cutting her hair

The president gets dissed by stephen colbert

Little superstar has got the moves

Lightning bolts from larping dudes

Kelly shopping for some shoes

Oprah zapped by Tom Cruise

Internet People!
Internet People!
Internet People, who are you?
Internet People!

White and nerdy by weird al

KFed playing Popozao

Washington Washington

Embarrased Ashlee Simpson

boom Goes the dynamite

Lily Tomlin in a fight

Peanut Butter Jelly Time

That house with all the christmas lights

William Shatner’s Rocket Man

Evolution of Dance

People Getting Hurt and

Talking to their webcams

Internet People!
Internet People!
Internet People, we love you!
Internet People!
Internet People!
Internet People!
Internet People, who are you!
Internet People!


3 responses to “Internet People

  1. Thanks for the great props.

  2. You’re more than welcome, it’s deserved!

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