‘Accidental’ nude pics are passe?

Jeesh!  Sad is the day when a young, upcoming celeb flashes her bits or has her nude pics from the past posted on the net and folk think it’s dull and passe

What is going on?  Have Paris, Britney and Lindsay ruined it for the rest of the young hollywood set who are yet to enjoy endure a public nip slip?  It seems noone is that shocked at Disney’s High School Musical lead Vanessa Hudgens’ nudie pics.


7 responses to “‘Accidental’ nude pics are passe?

  1. OMG there are some truly revolting pix of Britney’s privates. Someone tell the girl to wear knickers. I mean is it so hard? The left leg goes in one side. The right in the other. All over and done with

    PS very impressed at your solo blogging effort. Do you have a social life?

  2. Brit’s privates are publics?

    Ta for the PS Miss P, I am managing to keep the social life, just. It’s sleep that I can’t quite get. BOTS Idol coming soon, although I suspect that may be more effort. Hmmn.

  3. lil_miz_cheeky

    Vanessa Hudgens – I am proud to say she is filipino + she’s got the bod for it 🙂

  4. Oh yes very public… you can see photos of her twat REVOLTING public pubics

  5. britney has done just about everything for she can to get attention – my money is on a suicide (failed offcource) attempt within a year.

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  7. I got no objections

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