Leave Britney Alone!

A guy, with a gorgeous haircut that I now really want, breaks down at Britney Spears’ breakdown.  Seems reasonable.  Hope my hairdresser is reading.

(Language full of emotional swearies and possibly NSFW)

This vid is getting thousands of hits a second as I type – it was shown on The Jimmy Kimmel Show only half an hour ago.  There are tons of comments, some of them are really cruel and unnecessary, but some are loving and, ahem, loving.  Take Stefanmork’s comment from 28 mins ago …

I honey, I totally agree with you.  How dare they say and write these things wbout Britney!?  Your video touch me very much.  And I’ve to admit – I masturbated to your tears.  I feel your words and your feelings.  I love you..


6 responses to “Leave Britney Alone!

  1. That is now officially the GAYest thing I have ever seen in my entire life.

    That was gayer than Big Gay Al’s big gay animal sanctuary gettin’ gay with Tom Cruise in a gay San Franciso bathhouse. With Boyzone playing in the background.

    I agree with one of the comments on there – that’s three minutes of my life I will never get back :o(

  2. Ha! Whatevs Piglet. And you’ve been to Big Gay Al’s place how many times now? 😉

  3. Holy cow. thats quite difficult to watch.

    This makes my rant look like some sort of watered down non-alcoholic beverage.

  4. Yes Rob, you are tres controlled compared, thankfully!

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