Whatever happened to …?

Whatever happened to …? Whatever happened to …!?!    Whatevs! Lita has some serious questions of her own to ask… 

  • Bloody hell!  Can telly shows get any worse? 
  • Whatever happened to … TVNZ’s self respect?
  • Who told Paul Holmes the lame glove joke and referencing himself as “your humble host” was subtle but funny?
  • Whatever happened to … creativity and originality from our main broadcaster?
  • Did anyone else suffer nausea at the overt sentimentality followed by painful, cringey silences?
  • Why does Holmes’ put-words-in-your-mouth interview style annoy me so much?  I loved it when he did Dennis Conner back in 1989.
  • Who actually was still watching this crap after the first ad break?
  • Is Holmes reassuringly familiar on our TV1 channel again, or am I just that bored?
  • Why am I watching this still?  Really.  Why?
  • Whatever happened to … Ray Columbus?  That man was an imposter.
  • What’s on Prime
  • Whatever happened to … that last hour of my life?
  • Can I sue?

6 responses to “Whatever happened to …?

  1. hey wanna come blog for us? love the review 🙂

    none of us could muster up enough interest to watch the show

  2. Ha Miss P – it was TORTURE! I couldn’t do another week of this rubbish if you paid me. (You were gonna pay me eh? 😉 ) Seriously, your unmustered interest was totally founded, it was truly an eye-sore.

  3. i didnt even want to risk watching any of it.. i just cant stand paul holmes snakey bullshit’ and seeing him as the host was enough to drive me off. pity the show itself sounded like it sucked – not a bad format/idea, it could have been done well.

    bring bad marcus lush – nz’s best presenter. newsboy would have done also.

    they rule – as does prime..

  4. we’d let you review dominic bowden seeing as you like the lad. although miss prozac is thoroughly sick of him and praying he stays in LA. he was probably first choice to host the show

  5. Lita hearts Marcus is Lush AND J Wells AND DomDom the Bowden, but I think this format of this show means it needs to be an older personality … oo, imagine Paul Henry, could he have turned this crap around!? Nah. My memory keeps being flooded by cringey scenes that not even Holmes can be blamed for.

  6. paul homes is one of the people i like to blame for all the bad things in the world..
    paul henry certainly would have rolled out an entertaining version if he had been given the job. no doubt..
    im going to find out what marcus is doing now. did you see the series he did recently in antarctica? i think he is my fav kiwi.

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