Cats cannot spell

Have you heard of I can has cheezburger?  Lita’s work colleague guffaws at this site three times a day.


You can find strange and absurd pictures of cats (known as lolcats) with funny captions, spelt in a special lolcat secret text language.  Your relationship with this quirky website will start off confusing but end up addictive, but when you start talking in lolcat dialect it’s going too far, seek help.

A loyal BOTS reader sent in a lolcat version of yesterday’s dirty puss party pic.



5 responses to “Cats cannot spell

  1. That site makes me want to stab babies with a rusty ice pick…

  2. Another addictive habit Steve? Yip, I have to admit, this site and its #1 status makes me tres jealous and shocked all at once, I’m sharpening the ice pick before putting it through the rusting process, the babies may be school age by the time I get there, but I’m thorough.

  3. I don’t understand how it got to be #1…It’s comeplete garbage. (not saying that my blog isn’t trash itself) I hate everyone who views it daily…And hate the people who comment on it even more…

  4. Oh noes!! Poah baybeez!!1!!

  5. My colleague mentioned in the post saw this today, and spent 10 minutes hee-hawing at the pics before even bothering to read. Damn lolcat lovers.

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