Little Steven aka Silvio of the E Street Band

Nearly 1.5 million bods have checked out HBO’s online community boards about the last ever The Sopranos episode.  The American blogs Lita trawls mostly seemed a tad peeved (understatement) by the way the show controversially ended – without a bang.

With only 1 episode to go till the finale, tonight sees the true beginning of the end and rumours abound that a few of the big guns are killed off tonight.  I just hope Little Steven isn’t one of them, the former E Street Band member’s (yes, Bruce Springsteen’s lot) character Silvio is my favourite hood.


“I stuff provolone in my socks every night so they smell like your sister’s crotch in the morning!” – Silvio Dante

If you need a catch up review of events to date, Wiki has an excellent entry.  Beware though, there are ‘spoilers’ of the 2 eps yet to be shown in NZ.



2 responses to “Little Steven aka Silvio of the E Street Band

  1. I’ve never seen a full episode of The Sopranos….I’m pretty sure that makes me a horrible American….

  2. It makes you unamerican surely? Or is that just when you disagree with your democratically elected pres? oo, controversial Lita!

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