How do you clean a semi colon?

Ew! Beware the gross factor (10) …

The folk at BlessedHerbs provide horrendously graphic pics of successfully expelled stuff that customers photographed after an 8 day cleansing of the colon.

Click after the jump to view.  ‘Tis truly gross.


What on earth possesses folk to send in a pic of their poo and a pic of themselves?  If you are gonna do it, why wouldn’t you take the pic of you with the poo, why a seperate pic?  Suspect.  And seriously, can someone please confirm if all this really is meant to leave your body. 


7 responses to “How do you clean a semi colon?

  1. yeah, its just not believeable without her and poo being in same pic… yuk. i think a lot is supossed to come out but theres stuff in those linked pics that looks as if it is ment to stay in..

    ew, i feel mixed emotions

  2. ew, is that mixed emotions, or mixed motions. gross. the link is revolting, it took all my might to post it!

  3. They had a show on in the UK a while back called The Salon. It was a reality TV show based in a hairdresser/beauty shop. They had celebs on from time to time.
    One time they had some TV presenter have colonic irrigation live on the show. With clear tubes. That wasn’t nice.

  4. I want a pic of me with some of my poo!!…I’m going to work on this…

  5. Lil_miz_cheeky

    I need one of those

  6. Send your pics in, I will happily post em with your pooey smiley faces alongside. Ok, take the word ‘happily’ and replace it with ‘grossed outly’. Easy.

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