Clowns are evil

Do you blame her?



4 responses to “Clowns are evil

  1. i was scared of clowns when I was a kid, Santa Claus as well. I hid under my Dad’s coat when they took me to the circus. I came out for the polar bears and lo and behold, clowns were everywhere and I found they were not so bad.

  2. That’s the scariest clown I’ve ever fucking seen!!…

  3. Today I chortled and exclaimed when I read in the paper about a bunch of clowns (!) who caused a ruckus at a KKK rally, when the racists yelled “White Power”, the clowns yelled “White Flour” and threw flour. And then “White Flower” and threw flowers. So, I felt guilty for this post’s title.

    Max, your Dad was totally submersing you in clownism by taking you to the circus!

    Aye Steve, I worry cos I think his yellow teeth are real.

  4. Yeah…That makes it even more frightening…

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