Google Earth has a hidden Flight Simulator

Apparently there is a flight simulator hidden within Google Earth. 


Click here to learn how to find and use this Google secret.

I must be a geek, as this news over-excites me, and I don’t even play games.  Imagine the potential! I could flyby my house and check what the cat gets up to when I’m not home. I could land in that big park round the corner. I could flyby work and wave at myself through the window. 

And this is how Lita’s Tuesday night will be spent; trying to locate a piece of beta software created from a Google nerd staffer’s wet dream.


5 responses to “Google Earth has a hidden Flight Simulator

  1. Damn terrorists….

  2. i had already begun falling of my chair befor reading the end of that heading – my eye brows are still in orbit.. how dam exciting.
    did you find it?

  3. Aye Steve, they must be creamin their panties with excitement after they simulate a flyby the airports of the world.

    LG – I ended up distracted by crazy people in an Amazing Race and forgot I was working on my geekness, so didn’t get to try this. Did you?

  4. Reminds me when they hid something like that in Windows Excel! I found it (that one I mean)

  5. i havent tried. but the blogs i read sounded very promising.

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