See-thru Canoe

Get your own glass-bottom boat …


The transparent Canoe-Kayak from Hammacher Schlemmer is a stunning water toy, with a stunning price at US $1600.


6 responses to “See-thru Canoe

  1. What if you hit a rock with that? Do you sink and get cut my shards of glass and then sharks attack you?….Doesn’t sound very safe to me…

  2. glass – i think not. but sharks maybe – they get a sneak preview of whats on offer aye.

  3. People who know how to drive canoes know how to avoid rocks, particularly see-thru canoes. But, yes, it is like window-shopping for sharks. Or heaven for pervy divers.

  4. Hmm…Touche’….

  5. Not that I would know Steve, I don’t think my licence allows me to drive stuff in water. But, I can dive …!

  6. I don’t think you need a licence to paddle a kayak…I think I’d much rather swim underneath hot chicks in glass kayaks though.. 🙂

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