BOTS Bits: August

Isn’t August a funny wee month?  Lita literally sweated from her butt running BOTS alone, whilst Pip went on a mission to find the world’s smelliest belly button.  Apologies if any of that created revolting visuals in your mind’s eye, but ’tis all true.

This August, daylight is starting to last a teensy bit longer, daffodils are blooming lurvely and New Zealanders think we finally know the names of all our famous and infamous P addicts.  Ahh, the innocence of August.  

Stop pondering your ignorance and read up on the month’s best bits from BOTS.

BOTS Bits: August

Folk moaned about feeling the winter blues, some local people even had a problem with their unwanted wine being recycled, meanwhile the open and sharing girls of Boobs on Bikes handled the cold with dare I say it, I’m gonna say it class.

The Oracle of Starbucks told it exactly as it is. It’s not easy to accept being called out as a clueless stripper because of a slight fascination for hot chocolate, but an Oracle is an Oracle.  Thankfully this euphemism generator helped me focus my clueless stripper tendencies, although Boro Postman Pat made my ears feel dirty. 

Everyone smirked at the Richie McCaw post, even the NZ Herald, and even when it turned out to be a rip of the Chuck Norris tough facts.  And we all took a deep breath in awe at the beauty and tenderness displayed in this amazing picture of fly fornication.  Don’t deny it, you’re turned on too.


Lita warmly thanks all contributors, linksters and readers – you guys saved my bacon, and I love bacon.  I also send out virtual body part stenches to the glorious Pip, and wish her mucho success in her future projects.

Watch this space for BOTS Idol: Don’t spit the Pip auditions coming in September.  Bits on the Side needs a ‘new Pip’, and it could be you!  Can you sing? Can you dance? Who cares, all you really need is a link to the interweb, a sense of humour and a willingness to buy Lita lobster dinners. 


5 responses to “BOTS Bits: August

  1. Awww so it wasn’t my imagination. It did seem that you were a tad lonely during the month. But hey very impressed by your manic enthusiasm.

    Sorry can’t help. We need more helpers at NZ Reality TV. Far too much gossip and scandal for us to handle.

    Good luck with your search for the next Pip. Did you guys have a fight over Richie? Or was it the last pair of shoes she borrowed?

  2. I never ever got those shoes back Miss P, that’s the tragedy here! My manic enthusiasm is usually the problem not the solution, aye, twas a strange month.

  3. Ah well if you have anyone left over from BOTS Idol who loves TV and gossip and knows how to use a spellcheck send them to us!

    She kept the shoes? She doesn’t deserve you!!!

    Will send my psychotic psychologist co-blogger over to sort out the mania

  4. I don’t think the fly on top can believe its luck. Though the fly on the bottom looks a bit bored… am I just imagining this?

  5. Ha, Miss P, as if I’m gonna let a spell-checker go. Whatevs!

    Yes Piglet, the fly on the bottom is definately trying to work out what to make for dinner later on. I feel bad that only the fly on top knew about the camera, it’s totally not on when one partner hasn’t consented to being filmed when intimate.

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