Drawn Together: gross & fabulous

If you need a reason to drag yourself home early-ish from after-work drinks on Friday night, Drawn Together is it.  Check it out on Prime 10:30pm Fridays.


In the first animated reality show, eight characters from vastly different reaches of the cartoon universe agree to live in a house and have their lives taped. From a washed-up movie reel heartthrob to a homicidal Japanese trading card character, these housemates have nothing in common but a love of drinking and hot tub make-outs. Will the housemates rise above their many differences and come together as a family? No — but it’s fun to watch them sort-of try!

The adult cartoon satirises stereotypes and parodies known films and television shows – the characters themselves are parodies of well-known cartoons.  They are drawn together on a reality TV show, similar to Big Brother and The Real World, but say and do crazier stuff than any human ever could.  Drawn Together is hilarious and well worth the early exit from the pub.   

Click here to read some of the choicer quotes, there’s some in-yer-face, controversial, un-PC stuff.  Gotta love that. 


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