Doll Head Ornaments

When your child got ugly and angry last week, then tore Barbie’s head from her body, that wasn’t a tantrum.  Nooo, that was art.  Your kid is creative, now hurry and set up a website selling the doll’s heads as arty ornaments.  Oops, too late.

Strange Moon artist Stephanie Alice Rogers makes one of a kind art dolls, ornaments and figurative sculptures.  Each piece is unique and hand-crafted from “clay, paint, wood, fabric, wool, human hair and found objects” and have a “dark and surreal disposition”.


Lita recommends you avoid your child using human hair.


3 responses to “Doll Head Ornaments

  1. Making them isn’t exactly as simple as ripping the head off a doll. 🙂

  2. I imagine not Stephanie. (And Barbie dolls around the world breathe a collective sigh of plastic relief.)

    Your pieces are truly dark and magical and that’s why I posted about them, encouraging the kids to be creatively mean to Barbie was just a bonus.

    Is it wrong of me to want you to make a gothic (anti) Christmas themed set? Cos I do.

  3. Well, being creatively mean to Barbie was how I started out. 🙂

    That’s an interesting idea (the christmas themed set)… I’ll have to think about that one!

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