Random Act of Kindness Day

National Random Act of Kindness Day is this Saturday, Father’s Day.  But, if being good to your Pa is a push, what about being randomly kind to a stranger?

In an ever changing world, where life is faster, families are busier, people are lonelier… there’s a new opportunity to look beyond one’s self, for no personal gain other than the fantastic sense of making someone else’s life brighter!

National R.A.K. Day, is that opportunity! A day where you do some Random Act of Kindness for someone else. It could be a family member, flat mate, school friend, neighbour or a perfect stranger passing you in the street.

On September 1st we want to take the focus off our own lives and look for opportunities to do an act of kindness to others ~ maybe by mowing their lawn? Buying them a coffee? Flowers? Providing some needed service…. The ideas are endless.

Is it terribly cynical of Lita to notice the multiple RAK ideas that involve coffee, spot the Starbucks logo underneath the caffeine inspired suggestions and then sneer?  Kindness schmindness.


2 responses to “Random Act of Kindness Day

  1. Waiting for some amazing RAK to be offered to moi. very deserving i am

  2. Aye – me too Miss P. I shall make myself available for RAK moments all day tomorrow. I might even make a sign ‘RAW for RAK’ (ready and willing) tonight.

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