Raymond Crowe: amazing shadow hand puppetry

Australian artiste Raymond Crowe is an unusualist.  At the Magic Live! convention held in New Orleans last week he showed his skill at creating shadow hand puppets to the tune of Louis Armstrong’s What a Wonderful World.

The little bunny and his wiggly cottontail gets me every time I view this vid.


3 responses to “Raymond Crowe: amazing shadow hand puppetry

  1. Someone at work sent me this; it’s amazing! I love the rabbit running around, very convincing!

  2. Isn’t it fab?! I spend hours doing this in the lurky shadows at my house, but cannot get the bunny tail to shake like he did.

  3. Omg, i love his shows, very artistic! For my art GCSE, Im doing expressive hands, and my mum showed me his video, and I was like, OMG! i have to do that! So im trying to do a sculpture of my hands, then make them do something expressive, and put a torch to it or something, its a working progress!! =]
    Keep up the entertainment!!

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