Millie Holmes’ genitalia is a pipe factory?

Overheard at the water cooler today

Does this mean she hid it up her bottom? 

That pair of undies could earn Millie some hard cash on TradeMe.

How can you deny knowing about a pipe in your knickers?  Maybe she has more in there that she doesn’t know about.

Millie Holmes should have said “no deal”.

Lita, let’s play ‘hide the P pipe’.

Didn’t she used to bonk Matthew Ridge?

Millie Elder looks like she’s about to flash in that black trenchcoat.  Wonder where she bought it, I want one.


… now you know why Lita doesn’t drink the water.

Read here for the latest update (Feb 6th, 2008) on Millie’s trouble with the law.


4 responses to “Millie Holmes’ genitalia is a pipe factory?

  1. Ummmm scary. And rather uncomfortable wouldn’t you think?

  2. Maybe she wasnt wearing her knickers at the time…. I’ve seen it on nz police stop programme. Girl in crash on harbour bridge, police open the trunk of her car, unrolls a pair of mens trackies to discover the biggst dildo I have ever seen, bout size of my right arm and a “p pipe” hidden in them.

  3. Maybe you have a little right arm? Just sayin.

  4. lol – yup closer inspection say’s I do have a small arm. Size of Lita’s right calf.

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