HappySlip and the Filipino Wave

Lita’s August addiction is watching video logs (vlogs) on YouTube. 

HappySlip’s gorgeous looks, melodious voice and quirky sense of humour have made her a vlog hit.  In fact, since her nomination for ‘best comedy’ in the 2006 YouTube Video Awards she has struck gold in media circles.  Christine Gambito, a second-generation Filipino-American, now tours all over the U.S. speaking about online broadcasting and has a successful web business based around her character, HappySlip

HappySlip’s videos are clever parodies, mostly about the Filipino culture and the way her family speak.  While she pokes fun, she is always upbeat and wholesomely funny.  With nearly 4 million views, Mixed Nuts (where she plays all the characters of her family) is her most popular film.

The Wikipedia entry on the Filipino Wave (a term to describe the recent surge of Filipino celebrities and cultural references in the U.S.), names HappySlip as a celebreality star, she is in the Top 10 of YouTube’s ‘most subscribed’ list.

Her ode to her Mac (to the tune of James Blunt’s Your Beautiful) is better than James’ original.

She has over 3 million views for her ditty about the first ever YouTubers meet up on 07-07-07 last month.

Christine is so talented and watchable, I think we will one day see her on the big screen, if she can bear to leave her Mac and YouTube account.  And, I officially have a new crush.


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