Boobs on Bikes controversy: Not enough bikes

While Newmarket shops attempted to provide an alternative to the Boobs on Bikes parade today, plenty of men still chose to line A-land’s Queen St, what a shock!

There was a distinct lack of motorcycles compared to previous years – it was more Tits on Tanks and Queers in Cars than Boobs on Bikes

The parade was slow moving from K Rd, with Police keeping the crowd to the footpath, as best they could.  Lita had a prime viewing point with the builders who hung from the Town Hall scaffolding.


There were reports of damage to street lights on Upper Queen St, excitement when a member of the public streaked just prior to the boobies arriving, and consternation when Lita started handing out fliers that said “Your lunch break is over, get back to work.”

The drag queens were the friendliest, and extremely good at waving.  One of the blonde tank girls danced and shook and really worked the crowd, she got lots of grateful cheers.  But the giant sign trailing the parade was perhaps the funniest bit of the whole thing this year…


Porn guy wants to be Mayor. Current Mayor hates porn.

Interesting sub-plot if the boobies get boring. 

Click here for images of the recent Boobs on Bikes parade in Christchurch.  Click here for images taken in Auckland today.


3 responses to “Boobs on Bikes controversy: Not enough bikes

  1. Are these your own, on hand photos?

    Is their a point to all of this flesh and metal?

  2. I took plenty of pics, but wasn’t able to post them in time, so these are a combo of my mates (who was perving alongside me) and what I found online.

    The only point is to promote an erotica expo starting this weekend, how they get to traipse down the main streets of the biggest city on bikes and tanks on a working day is anyones guess. Its fun though, espesh watching the men go drooly like they have never seen boobies before, poor souls.

    There is also a political aim, the porno guy wants to be Mayor. The current Mayor hates porn. It makes for a nice sub-plot if you get bored of the boobs (!)

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