Suppressing your name just makes us curious, Keita

In an alternate universe where Lita gets busted with P or any other illegal letters of the alphabet, and my parents have old money and/or new fame, I’m so not going to bother with name suppression.


Keita Nobilo, outed today as the P heiress, was given poor advice, unless this is all a part of a master PR plan and we are now doomed destined to see her in every Touchdown reality telly show due on our screens in ’08.  I’m not one to scupper dreams of celebreality stardom, but in this case I am prepared to pen a letter to Julie Christie pleading and begging.

I don’t know about you, but I had no idea who Keita was before, and I doubt I would’ve cared if it wasn’t for all the secret squirrel hype of the past month. In fact, I reckon a slight subconscious increase in my Nobilo wine intake would’ve been the only result from knowing her name earlier.  This ole mystery P heiress thang has played out for so long now, all it has served to do is give those of us who had worked out who she was lots of time to get even juicier goss together. 

Because I love you so (and it’s my job) I will share my links to gossip on Keita from my snooping research of the interweb.  It may all be rubbish, and that is my official disclaimer …

  • Throng has an interesting comments box from December ’06 full of salacious gossip about Matthew’s drug habits, Keita’s ailing health and suicidal tendencies, and one commenter mentions Keita dumping her ex to date Ridgey in much the same way he dumped her to date Loos.
  • This Sunday Telegraph article from January ’07 quotes Keita, via a friend, as she describes her outrage at Matthew dumping her.  The article also talks of her illness from a spider bite.
  • In February ’07, Keita sold the story of Ridgey dumping her by text message to the Woman’s Day.
  • Don Murray is a racing tipster and astrologist, and lately I have been just lurving his work.  Don first penned the term Meth-you for Ridgey.  Check out all his goss, including today’s post on “Daddy’s Little Girl” – I think we all know who that is (Don names her earlier as Millie-gram), and why the news that ‘Daddy’ goes both ways and also dabbles in da P isn’t all that surprising, well, I guess we just always had a feeling.  Don’s site isn’t so easy to navigate, but keep scrolling, there is some juice on Keita’s explosive trashing of Ridgey’s waterfront apartment after he dumped her.
  • Someone at this games forum thought the P heiress was Aja Rock, someone else corrected them and named Keita on 10th August.
  • Folk at Biggie and NZrealityTV named Keita on Friday, but had to remove articles as name suppression appeals yo-yo’d between the courts. 

Lastly, does anyone else find this part of the Stuff story completely hilarious?

She achieved some fame as being the girlfriend of sporting celebrity Matthew Ridge.

He dumped Nobilo for Rebecca Loos, whose claim to fame was an alleged relationship with British footballer David Beckham. 

Someone at Stuff doesn’t seem to think having relationships with famous sports stars should make you famous, so I’ve decided to dump Richie McCaw.


8 responses to “Suppressing your name just makes us curious, Keita

  1. Someone at Stuff doesn’t seem to think having relationships with famous sports stars should make you famous, so I’ve decided to dump Richie McCaw.
    Errr where might I find Mr McCaw when you and Hayley have finished pawing him?

  2. That sneaky Hayley! I knew he was cheating on me with her, but I didn’t know she was cheating on me with him. Grrr. Fortunately I have Dan Carter and a couple of others (that I cannot remember the names of but can describe their shoulders) as back up plans. Its the fame game baby, ugly, but necessary.

  3. Dan Carter. Hmmmmm. I was promised a TV commercial last night but where was it???

    Read that astrologer chap a while ago but didn’t see the milliegram. Will go check it out.

  4. That sneaky Hayley! I knew he was cheating on me with her, but I didn’t know she was cheating on me with him. Grrr.
    At least she left you with your high heels

  5. True. And sequins. She said I could keep the sequins.

  6. It’s time celebrities realised what the rest of us already know; there is nothing interesting about drug arrests unless:

    a) you those concerned
    b) somebody has done something bad
    c) somebody has done something mad
    d) they have gone for name suppression

  7. The missing word is “know”

  8. Aye Thrash, which is why the cynical amongst us (who, moi?) start questioning the real reason behind the decision, and throw in vile ugly thoughts like “oh no, is this Nobilo woman now gonna be on the next season of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and host a C4 slot?”

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