Facelift: I can see the light surrounding me

Another cutting-edge, bleeding brilliant Facelift tonight.


Choice bits:

  • The grossly disfigured (and unreasonable) face of Paul Henry was reduced to a giggling pussycat when charming and evasive John Key tickled and coochy-cooed him into submission.  ‘Little peanut’ is officially Lita’s new fave name for Paul.
  • A robbery by a policeman at a Rotorua souvenir shop meant the shop owners were under suspicion as they had a “history of complaining about being robbed”.  The outraged owners threatened to call 111 – “Good luck getting through”.
  • The Air NZ Oz-troops-to-Iraq ferrying controversy was retroactively dealt to by Captain Clark’s safety demonstration of what to do in the event of a PR disaster, including gagging those involved and Mfat admitting blame.
  • Helen Clark getting excited at Annette King’s robot offering as ‘the police officer of the future’, especially once she realises that “it can’t force anyone to have consensual sex”.

If you want to check out snippets of Facelift before they air, subscribe to the GibsonGroup YouTube channel – they post a couple of select vids every Monday morning.


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