Boobs on Bikes: T minus 2

They’re back, and this time they have a permit.

Steve Crow and his bare-boobed babes on bikes are back again this year to tease and titillate an expected crowd of 50,000. 


The motorbike ride down A-land’s Queen St promotes Erotica Expo and has created controversy in previous years both for the nudity and for the loss of productivity as thousands of men line the streets of the CBD in the hopes of seeing pornstar puppies flying free in the breeze.

Lita has the equivalent of a front row seat for Wednesday (T minus 2) and I’m hoping the weather will be a little bit nippley.  There was no sign of the supposed man-drought last year – it was raining testosterone-tense males as they hung drooling from the windows and balconies above Queen St, necks craned, eyes peeled, the unspoken booby alert rating on ‘high’.

Click here to see pics from last year.


7 responses to “Boobs on Bikes: T minus 2

  1. lil_miz_cheeky

    Hope the weather will be fine on Wed. Will definitely be there to take some shots 4 my bf and my bf’s dad 🙂

  2. What a good lil girlyfriend and daughter’in’law you must be lil miz cheeky! I wish my brother had someone spesh like you.

  3. how good of a girlfriend is lil miz!

    Is Lita hoping to get a ride off one of bikers? Or are you going on the pull? 😉

  4. Aye Rob, cheeky’s boyf is a lucky lad. I’m doing the same as last year for Boobs on Bikes; I’m taking my BMX to work that day and same with my boobies. It won’t be the same plastic-on-harley look that others go for, but nonetheless, I think I will look tres cool. My bike has a bell and everything.

  5. As mayoral campaigns go this one’s a doozy…

  6. “My bike has a bell and everything.”
    It’s the way forward.

  7. Aye Miss P, it’s influencing my vote for sure, anyone who can organise a parade down Q st during renovations is obviously an administrative genius.

    Rob, for the way backward (aka reverse) I just make the “beep beep” sound myself. Now, if only someone could invent that for a BMX, my life would be complete.

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