Facebook Stalker

Penn Masala is the world’s first Hindi a cappella group, formed in the 90s at the University of Pennsylvania.

They have a surprise YouTube hit with The Facebook Skit, an ode to the creepy stalkability of online social networking site, Facebook. If the tune sounds familiar, blame Enrique Iglesias and his 2001 song Hero.  

Lita’s facebook wall is currently being peed on by all sorts of weird and wonderful stalkers (some even claim to be whanau). I suffer a confusing, addictive love-hate relationship with MySpace, Bebo and Facebook

Now we have the latest website, kiwi venture iYomu (I, you, me, us) to join, it’s touted as “social networking for grown ups”. Note the clever avoidance of the word adult in that tagline – that would’ve made for a totally different kind of social networking site.  And most likely more fun.


8 responses to “Facebook Stalker

  1. myspace and bebo are vulnerable but with facebook you can contral all levels of privacy and avoid any potential stalkers.. check out your privacy settings. facebook is the least stalkable of any social network site.. block those creeps

  2. LockedGroove – if i block the creeps I’m back to same as my myspace page – no friends!! Damn social networking, its ruining my life!

  3. The point of Facebook is stalking? I’ve been using it already. Thanks for the heads up though.
    “Hmmm, now how do I search for Lita New Zealand?”

  4. sheeeite. That was supposed to read
    “I’ve been using it all wrong.”
    Can’t blame typo so I blame [rolls dice…4] Monday morning.

  5. Monday evening sux for typos too, I can verify, I am typo-ing to you from the future. One day someone will figure out all my sneaky facebook names and the world will realise that actually it is I that makes up all the friends lists. Having multiple personalities makes it easier for peop to stalk you, tres convenient, and leaving your phone number in men’s loos that also helps the stalker. Again, I can verify. Le future etc.

  6. You leave your number in loo’s and your from the future? Can you tell me if I stumble across your number any time soon and make a drunken phonecall in the next few hours?

    Well if you’ve got a few facebook profiles then it’ll be just easier to set up a “is Lita on your friends list?” group and work from there to find you.

  7. lockedgroove

    besides, you dont nead social networking sites to attract creeps aye

  8. Rob – you rang twice, tomorrow.

    Lockedgroove – true, isnt life good?!

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