Wildfire email complaint spreads like, um, wild fire

Remember the Great Marquee Co email fiasco from last year?  Lita still shows off about being number 7 in a thread on one of the thousands of forwarded emails.

The power of email was demonstrated again today, this time about a Takapuna (Auckland) eatery, Wildfire Churrascaria, one of two popular A-land Brazilian BBQ restaurants.


The email reads:

Last Friday we went to Wildfire Takapuna for a relaxing drink. We were mistakenly given Chardonnays instead of Sauvignon Bancs. Fine – they were replaced with Sav’s. Out of interest I watched where the 2 glasses of chardonnays ended up. To my disgust the Chardonnays that they knew we had had a drink out of, were poured back into the Chardonnay bottle and placed back in the fridge ready to sell to the next poor customer. The other Wildfire bar people looked on unbothered which tells me this is a common practice.

We questioned the blond barperson who had committed the act. She went quite ashen and said “yes I did that” and stood there like a possum in headlights. Thus we asked for our money back saying, how did we know the Savs we were drinking had not suffered the same recycling treatment and said that we would never drink there again. A manager came over who may have mumbled us an apology, took our visa slip and gave us a cash refund.

Given this appears common practise we reported it to the appropriate authorities who paid Wildfire a visit..

You guessed it – they denied this happening which has driven me to write this email so you can pass it on to people  …… spread it like wild fire.

I rang Wildfire for a statement, and spoke to a very upset and contrite Manager.

Before I even got to mention the email he said he knew what I was ringing about.  He explained that “it is not our company policy to pour drinks back into bottles, they are kept aside and thrown away.”  He went on to say that only one of Wildfire’s fifty employees had brought the company and brand into disrepute by her stupid actions and that he was “feeling so upset”.  

“We are not denying it, action was taken, not as a consequence of the email, but before the email was ever sent.”

Management found out on Friday when the customer complained, and the employee in question faced disciplinary action the next day and now no longer works in the bar at Wildfire, but is still employed there.  This prompted me to ask if she now works with food, to which he replied “no, she works more at the back.” 

We can only hope she doesn’t apply her recycle skills to skewering the meat out ‘the back’ in the kitchen.

Lita has always enjoyed her carnivorous and boozy experiences at Wildfire Takapuna, however Wildfire Downtown did once serve a fly in my salad and were extremely put out when asked to replace it at no cost.


4 responses to “Wildfire email complaint spreads like, um, wild fire

  1. Greg Michael Williamson

    I would like to comment that i think who ever this person is is taking a very spiteful approach to the situation. I have dinned at Wildfire many times and always loved it. I am by no means saying that i think recycling wine is acceptable but i will say that taking the actions of a young girl and spitefully putting it out to the population as a general reflection of Wildfire is immature and quite frankly making a mountain out or a mole hill

  2. Greg, I too have enjoyed meals at Wildfire Takapuna (the one in town did serve me a fly once) – but after speaking with the Manager I felt he was sincere in explaining it was a one-off by a foolish member of staff. It won’t stop me going there, but the whole thing makes me miss the good ole BYO days, if anyone put the spat wine back, it was us, not the staff.

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  4. Lets be honest. Wildfire can kiss my arse! They refused to seat us because they were to busy….the place was empty. And I had made a booking online. Their response was that they never got our bookng. Funny. In checking this morning, I never got a confirmation email.
    So with thanks – you suck!

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