Eagle vs Shark: Email from the Director

Lita is too cool for school; today I received an email that appears to have originated from Taika Waititi, director of Two Cars, One Night, and his latest film in cinemas today, Eagle vs Shark. 


Kia ora,

My name is Taika Waititi, director of ‘Two Cars, One Night’. I’m a Maori. Are you a Maori? If not then please stop reading this and find someone Maori to translate it for you.

So, I’ve made a film called ‘Eagle vs Shark’, and because I’m Maori I recommend all Maori should go and see it. I’m also part Jewish so I recommend it to Jews.
I also have black hair so people with black hair will probably enjoy it too. And I have this weird rash so people with…..anyway, you get the point….
The film is a comedy about two displaced outsiders searching for romance (within the context of post-colonial New Zealand) and I know that Maori would appreciate the content (especially the fart joke).

Watch the trailer here.  Visit My Space here.  Win tickets here.

It starts this Thursday, August 16.

Please go and see it, and tell all your friends and whanau.



And I’m not even Maori, or rashy, or Jewish, or black-haired. However, I did find a Maori to translate for me, and it turns out to be quite a funny, desperate, quirky little email – reviews to date say much the same about the movie. 

I’m hanging out to see it as it stars my future husband, Flight of the Conchordian, Jemaine Clement, who has an ever increasing internet presence, with over 185,000 Google entries now found under his name.  It must be those lips.

– – – – –

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2 responses to “Eagle vs Shark: Email from the Director

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  2. Thank you so much for pointing your readers to my site. It’s always good to know that one’s work is appreciated!

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