PostSecret Mini Movie will move you to tears

PostSecret hasn’t been a secret for a long while now.  

It started as an art installation in 2004, where anonymous people decorate a postcard and portray a secret that they have never before revealed. There’s no restriction on the content of the secret, only that it must be the truth and must never have been spoken before.

The site has changed in the last few weeks, recently a mini-movie replaced the usual postcard postings.  The movie shows some of the more moving, deep and disturbing secrets and contains a thank you message from the creator, Frank Warren. 

Careful, this vid may give you the sniffles.



3 responses to “PostSecret Mini Movie will move you to tears

  1. Nice clip.

    Have you sent in a secret yet?

  2. So many secrets, so many unhappy people!

  3. Rob, I can’t keep a secret!! I’d send that in, but that in itself isn’t a secret.

    Louise, the vid made me cry, I admit. Some of the secrets are tres poignant.

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