Flight of the Conchords: Mel vlogs about the kiwi accent

Flight of the Conchords (the almost award-winning fourth-most-popular folk duo in New Zealand) are storming the U.S.  

Lita’s American pals are raving about the music-comedy duo’s telly show, and there has even been talk of a website honouring the beauty of Jemaine’s lips.  Many Kiwis are downloading YouTube vids or checking out the podcasts on HBO and the interweb is all abuzz with the rumours of the impending release of the series on DVD in October.

Mel, FotC’s sole obssessed fan, has started a vlog (online video-log) – July the 2nd was an especially funny attempt to perfect the kiwi accent…

The NZ accent kicks off a hilarious interview with HBO, where Jemaine and Bret give the Wellington comedy scene a big ups but admit that they were repeatedly rejected to write and perform the theme song for Lord of the Rings.

A true, real-life, die-hard fan has been running a fan site since 2002, and offers unofficial FotC tshirts.


And if you still can’t get enough FotC, check out Lita’s fave song, as performed in Ep1 of the HBO series.


3 responses to “Flight of the Conchords: Mel vlogs about the kiwi accent

  1. lockedgroove

    they rated beter than the sopranos on HBO recently!
    you can download them if you look hard enough. why wait – waiting for this to hit our local tv will be like waiting for kiwi saver to pay off..
    its so funny.

  2. They have taken over The Sopranos timeslot I think, so they are being treated with lots of respek from HBO.

  3. lil_miz_cheeky

    Awesome show! It has that old fashion kiwis type of script. Have got Ep 2,3,4,6 & 7 🙂

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