Guinness: It’s alive inside

The new commercial for Guinness, Music Machine is fab! 

The 60 second TV ad is currently running in Ireland only, and aims to show what makes Guinness “alive inside”.  It features a series of stunt men in dodgy Guinness cream jumpsuits bouncing against drums to represent the settling effect in a pint of Guiness.

CutandRun explain that

production included a multi-camera, four-day shoot with stuntmen and air rams that propelled them into real eight-foot drums constructed for the project. It also involved complex visual effects, exacting music production and editorial in a process as choreographed as the work itself.


2 responses to “Guinness: It’s alive inside

  1. My God, that’s phenomenal. I love it. I work in an Ad agency in NYC, I wish we made ads like that.

  2. Isn’t it fab? It makes me want a giant drum set AND a long cold pint.

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