Facelift makes Monday night naughty

Someone has to start posting Facelift scenes to YouTube.   It’s so deliciously controversial and current.


In tonight’s ep, we saw …

  • Paul Holmes attempt to relive his Dennis Conner interview and keep Millie “occupied” before she goes away on “holiday.”  
  • A prettied up, campy Michael Laws getting the bash for trying to get tough on gangs.
  • Helen Clark and John Key starred in Tryhard 4.0, with Helen at her hottest in a dirty Bruce Willis wifebeater singlet.  “She is a diehard.  He is a tryhard.”
  • John Key announced policies by using the word policies repeatedly and “passed around a hat” to gather suggestions for actual policies.
  • Christine Rankin was represented on Closeup by Fufu the Poodle who made clear she feels the issue of dogs attacking children is “a pitbull problem,” after which Fufu was promptly called a “breedist” by the pitbull.
  • Osama bin Laden and the gang held a creative meeting to brainstorm new ideas; “We’ve done planes to death, they’re so 2001.”
  • Peter Jackson provided special effects in bed, but it seemed he “cut” way too early for Fran’s liking.
  • Charlotte Dawson declared her hatred of NZ media to a wandering Hone Harawira; “They said I was 41 years old.”

But the sketch of the evening that I really wanted to find on YouTube (and I did!) is … 

Lonelygirl57 – Helen disses JK, the Exclusive Brethren and Lonelygirl15


Utter genius!  Check out those teeth.

– – – – –

You can find plenty of adult-style humor without it being unsafe for work, thanks to all the funny videos online nowadays based on current events. Even if you don’t want to find a funny video the Internet is full of funny stuff, from animals and places to all those funny people out there.


3 responses to “Facelift makes Monday night naughty

  1. David Farrar

    Yeah was a great episode.

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  3. DPF – ta for the link, I had a feeling you would be tickled by Lonelygirl57.

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