Not a Happy Monday and No Joy Division

The death of Tony Wilson on Friday has British music fans in mourning. 

Tony founded Hacienda club and Factory Records in Manchester.  The film 24 Hour Party People was a dramatisation of those times, with Steve Coogan playing Tony.


Wilson’s death follows his being diagnosed with cancer last year and emergency surgery to remove a kidney in January.

After chemotherapy failed to alter the course of the disease doctors pointed him in the direction of the drug Sudent – a £3,500 per month programme that the NHS refused to bankroll.

Funds to pay for the treatment were raised by bands that Wilson had helped over the years – such as The Happy Mondays – but ultimately he was never to recover.

“Part of me, part of Manchester, part of modern British music has died tonight,” lamented former Factory cohort Phil Saxe.

“Tony was a genius, basically.”

Lita bit: DrownedinSound


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