Blue Screen of Death

By now, every single one of us has come across the Blue Screen of Death at least once in our miserable technology-enhanced lives. Some people have taken their fascination with this error phenomenon to extremes. 

You could just purchase a BSOD tshirt …


Or you could show real insanity commitment to the cause and get a BSOD tattoo.


Click this link to see a funny vid of the time Bill Gates was showcasing Windows 98 to a large audience, and he was blue-screened. 

Lita bit: Errorwear


3 responses to “Blue Screen of Death

  1. I’ve never received that screen. Ever. What’s all the fuss about?

    But that guys tattoo beats my tattoo entry by far for shear insanity

  2. Rob , you big show off, never seen the BSOD ? Respek!

  3. I rather fancy being smothered by this particular blue screen of death :oP

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