Bollywood Romeo

Lita may have spent a good part of an important business meeting yesterday trying to get other meeting attendees and senior management to recall the lyrics to this song.  It was work related, honestly.  Sort of.

Turns out that dancing authentic Bollywood choreography round a conference table whilst singing “oh-oh-ee-oh, you know, come on, oh-oh-ee-oh, you know it!” doesn’t really help folk to recall this classic Basement Jaxx tune.  It remains to be seen what it does for future career prospects in the matters of serious business.  Rad vid and dope tuuune though!


4 responses to “Bollywood Romeo

  1. Woul do floved to be a fly onthe wall at that meeting.
    Top tuuuuune. Nice way to break in Friday.

  2. Yes Boy, it was one of those meetings, great fun! I’m sure I spotted a couple of flies debating the lyrics and joining in the twisty hand moves.

  3. How did it come up in the office that you needed to know the lyrics?

  4. A colleague presented on her country of origin, India, and we discussed the Bollywood film industry amongst other stuff (fave curries, tigers and elephants), twas a great meeting.

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